Bhimtal Nainital

Bhimtal NainitalBhimtal Nainital


Bhimtal Nainital

Bhimtal nainital is the best choice for tourists

A visit to India would not be complete if one will not visit bhimtal nainital, “The Lake District” of India. And when one visits Nainital, one lake that should not be overlooked is Bhimtal. This is the largest lake in the district. What makes it more magnificent is that it is a lake surrounded by green mountains. One can see that Bhimtal is majestic because it is a lake that is situated on a high altitude of 1371.6 meters above sea level.  The sight to behold in Bhimtal is truly breath-taking. In the middle of Bhimtal lake is an island that looks like a gem. On this island there is a large aquarium which is open for all to see. Another tourist attraction is the ancient Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple located on the banks of nainital bhimtal. Bhimtal nainital is the best choice for tourists who want a peaceful, quiet and serene escapade. The peace and tranquility of the place plus the beauty of the surrounding nature is truly relaxing and unforgettable.

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