Guest Testimonials

29.11.2013 – Mr. Umesh Aggarwal, DelhiGood to stay here. All arround view of lake is very charming. People, who love to enjoy early morning sun can really enjoy sun for one or two hours before move any sightseeing. Everything put together is very nice. Shall visit again.

21.09.2013 – Mr. Dipesh, Priyesh + 12, Gurgaon

Good and nice aesthetics look from the hotel is calm and peacefull. Nice place to stay and seems to be vistted again. Behaviour of staff is very good. Keep it up.

09.06.13 –  Ms. Supriya Bose & Mr. Subodh Bose, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Calm & quite surroundings of Hotel are charming.  Rooms were neat & clean.  Service provided was excellent.  Behavior of staff was co-operative.  Food quality was nice and we enjoy it,  homely environment at the hotel,   moreover the behavior of the owner was excellent and I would like to visit the hotel in future and would recommend my friends and relatives.

09.06.2013 – Mr. G Nagarajan, Chennai

Very calm and secluded, ideal for honeymoon trip, best part was the garden outside balcony. Hospitality provided by classy. Don’t forget to taste Gobi Paneer Masala and Aloo Paratha. Rating *****

05.06.2013 – Ms Shah Hirvi S and Mrs Meenu Shailesh, Ahmedabad

Seriously I never thought about this kind of atmosphere, we all are feeling like at home. It all starts from 29.05.2013 when I booked this hotel by taking the details from net and believe me it was same to same written in net. I thought that it was hotel but after coming here I felt it wasn’t hotel. Here food is like we ate at home. The servents actually for me , they are like uncle and aunty. So I would say both are giving us all there service from heart. Rooms are neat and clean. It is for me surprising in first time in my life, I am seeing the hotel’s owner taking interest in their guest and we felt that he was our family member and we had great trip, good food, good service and also we made new relation here. In Gujrati I would say “Thank for all your service and food”.

27.05.2013 – Mr. Deepak V Shinde

Good, felt like staying at home, thanks.

15.05.2013 – Mr.Methew Paul, Mr.Prashant Kurup, Ms. Jayesha, Ms Abhilasha – Gurgaon
Felt like staying at home. Thank you for the warm and friendly hospitality.


13.5.2013 –  Shiv Kumar, Chennai

Excellent view of hotel. Quality food was served with take and care. Nice Place to stay.

15.05.2013 – Essop SanJee, South Africa

Nature’s lovers paradise! Excellent care & Service given by Yashpal and Neelam. Very tasty food.  Will definitely recommend to others.

30.04.2013 – Deepak, New Delhi

Everything was good. Thanks.

29.04.2013 – Akshat Garg, Delhi

Services need to be improved little bit, Infrastructure, location and view is very good. Moreover very much impressed by Mr. Yogesh, the way he showed his concern and took the trip personally, taking regular follow ups and all. Overall Happy. We would like to visit again. Thanks for serving us the best way you could.

26.04.2013 – Subodh GhatPande

We very much enjoy the hospitality. In true sense a Home away from Home, Clean Room, tasty food. Nice environment, will com again.

22.04.2013 – Sandip Banerjee, New Delhi

We truly enjoyed here. Specially the location, homely atmosphere ad personalized service. Look forward to visit this place again.  Thank you so much.

07.04.2013 – Rashmi Ranjan, Bhubaneshwar

Very thing was good.

07.04.2013 – Amit Kumar Tripathi, Almora

Very nice behavior and servie.

07.04.2013 – Pradeep Kumar Bhatt, Almora

Good location and nice fooding

07.04.2013 – Mahipal Singh, Jalandhar, Punjab

This hotel is situated at good location and good services are provided.  If I will come again here then definitely I will prefer this hotel for stay.

04.04.2013 – M.P. Sapkal, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Great hotel. Food is delicious and tasty. It feels like home here. Road is to improved.  Rest is very good.

31.03.2013 – Ashwin Addencherry, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

I really enjoyed this hotel and this was wonderful experience I ever had.  Approach road is to be improved.

23.03.2013 – Vertika Kulsherestha and group of 40 students, B.P. Institute of Hotel & Tourism, Agra

The location is just perfect according to the place (city). Arrangements were awesome, food was delicious, everybody is very helpful and caring. Thank you so much for everything. Once again thank you for all the arrangements done for all of us.

20.03.2013 – Akanksha, Dr Pramod Kumar, New Delhi

Location is very good, food is decent and bonfire was well enjoyed by all of us.

17.12.2012 – Sandesh

Food is good, Service is also good.

30.11.2012 – Manish Kumar, Lucknow

Location is very good.

14.11.2012 –  Manish Maurya, Lucknow

Location is very peaceful, package and fooding is also very good. Behaviour of attendent is very fine, food like home is available with prompt service.

31-10-12 – Anish Thomas, New Delhi

Beautiful place, away from the hoch poch of people and at peace. Location is amazing and helpful people and service.

28-10-2012 – Arvind Kumar, New Delhi

Peaceful and nice place. Services are exellent.

07-10-2012 – Rahul Berry, New Delhi

Good and nice service.

It was great to live at your hotel a couple of months back and also experience the warmth of your friend and you personally. I wanted to write to you for a while, but was just caught up with things. I am now in Toronto, Canada since last three weeks and it’s an experience.

How are things at your end ? And I shall be in touch, I am sure my parents would love to be back to Bhimtal sometime in the future and soak in the beauty that place has to offer.

07-10-2012 – Dheeraj Gupta, Delhi

Very nice and peaceful place. Room Service is very good.

05-08-2012 – Isha and Navdeep, Gurgaon

A hidden treasure far from the maddening crowd of nainital
. The hospitality offered by the caretaker was very much the added gem to this place. Best of all they allowed our pet dog to accompany us which in itself was the bet thing.

24-06-2012 – Abhijeet Ganjoo, Noida

Exellent place and over and above this tour was enjoyable due to very co-operative and desent staff.

12-06-2012 – Shivani, Agra

Location is good, peaceful place, cheerful hospitality, our visit is very good and we will be back. The service is very good.

03-06-2012 – Manu and Richa, Gurgaon

A beautiful and peaceful place to spend weekend. We had a great and comfortable stay.
01-06-2012 – A K Sen Gupta, Kolkata

Excellent envirnment as well as the overall view from the balcony of the room. The cleaness and maintanance of rooms and the bathrooms are praiseworthy but above all the quality of the service and behaviour of the service boys are super exellent. Thanks to them for our meaningful stay for two days.

20-05-2012 – Anthony Amabaou, Germany

House and room were really clean, people really nice and place really nice. We will be back.

12.05-2012 – Sidharth Kumar & family

The place is neat and clean, cheerful hospitality, overall good visit.

24-03-2012 – Manu Sharma, New Delhi

Good and well deserved, I will refer my colleauges and friends.

18-02-2012 – Hari Narang

The host is very friendly, peaceful location, fresh air, wonderful view from the bedroom.

06-01-2012 – Dr. R K pathak

Good and well maintained room, good hospitality, considered for next visit too.

01-01-2012 – Shashank Deshmokh and family, Maharashtra

I agree with Mr.Anand review perfactly.

31-12-2011 – Ravi Anand and family, Cochin

Good elegant perfect holiday package. We thourghly enjoyed our five days stay. Hope to come back again.

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