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Nainital Bank Ltd

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Nainital Bank Ltd.  is a premier private bank in India. Its slogan is “Banking with Personal Touch.” It has more than a hundred branches strategically located all across the different states of India. Each branch is offering services such as Personal Banking, Business Banking, and Rural/Agri Banking. Aside from these services, they also offer other services such as: lockers for storing valuables, collection services and electronic clearing services.

To provide more customer services they also have internet and mobile banking, ATM services and inter-branch connectivity. With its multiple branches, one is assured of getting the same banking services anytime and anywhere in India. As a fast- growing, leading bank, Nainital Bank Ltd. is always in need of additional manpower. Log in to bank’s website to see their job openings. Nainital bank Recruitment announcements and procedures are posted on their site. It would be a great privilege and opportunity to be a part of the workforce of Nainital Bank Ltd.

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